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Right, where was I?

1.25 pm, Tue Nov 8, 2016 – Monsieur Sublet, with the laptop, in the reading room, Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, Paris, France.

It’s been quite some time since we last communicated, and much has passed through my system…via Melbourne, Tassie, Europe, Africa, Tassie and back north again.

In this edition:

1) Le Temps du Regard Exhibition in Paris.
2) Home Studio Sale – Charlie Sublet and Helene Rajcak, Sun Nov 27, 2016, Paris.
3) Runner-Up Award – University of Tasmania’s 125th Anniversary Exhibition, The Field
4) From the Archives – ‘Man & Dog’, Delhi, India, 2011
5) Random Bits – Annus Horribilis

Le Temps du Regard Exhibition – Paris, France.

Apologies for the late notice, but I’ve just finished a show in Paris – a series of images from across Australia, exhibited at the ‘Centre Hepato-Biliaire’, L’Hopital Paul-Brousse. Thanks to Le Ministere de la Cuture, La Mairie de Villejuif, L’Hopital Paul-Brousse and curators Jeanne Gatard and Helene Rajcak.

Images available for sale. View the image gallery here.

csublet_untitledvi_4web                                     ‘Untitled VI’, 2016

Home Studio Sale – Sun Nov 27, 2016. 3 – 6 pm. Paris

Helene Rajcak (children’s book author/illustrator/painter) and I will have works on sale in our home studio at 17 Rue Poliveau, Paris, 75005. Google Map. All welcome. (contact me for the building entry code).

There will be photographs (on stone, ceramic and paper), children’s books, illustrations and paintings. View Helene’s books and samples of her illustrations/paintings. Samples of my works on ceramic, stone and in ‘matchbox miniatures’ are below. Click on an image for a larger version.

Runner-up Award – University of Tasmania’s 125th Anniversary Exhibition, The Field

I was happy to receive the Runner-Up Award at this exhibition for my image, ‘The Price of Admission’. The show was curated by Amelia Rowe and judged by David Keeling (Two-time Glover Prize-winning painter) and Dr Jane Deeth (arts writer, curator and educator) who said they found themselves returning again and again to this image. You can watch Jane’s TedX talk, ‘What’s Wrong with Contemporary Art’ here.

csublet_thepriceofadmission     ‘The Price of Admission’, 2015


4) From the Archive – ‘Man & Dog’, 2011 (Delhi, India)

 mananddog_2011_csublet_450p                                     ‘Man & Dog’, 2011

5) Random Bits – Taking liberties with Queen Elizabeth II, I can describe 2015 as my annus horribilis, with respect to the departure of several friends and relatives, including my Dad. Make the most of the time you have and let those you love know it. Here’s a pick of Dad et moi in my early years – presumably not an annus horribilis. Note the low angle perspective – pic taken by my brother on his Box Brownie.

dadetmoi                                     ‘Dad et Moi’, Circa 1971/2
Image from the article ’32-incredible-powers-of-queen-elizabeth-ii-you-didnt-know-she-had’. Ha!

Thanks for listening and all the best for the remainder of 2016 and beyond.

Bye for now,


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It’s Time. I’m Off. – Massive Studio Clear-Out Sale

2.27 pm, Wed Jan 28, 2015. Seat 64, Coach 14 – Somewhere under the English Channel.

Yes, it’s true, I’m currently typing underwater. Held my breath as I left London – Hoping to make it to Paris.

In this edition:

1) Studio Clear-Out Sale. For One Day Only! Sunday Feb 8, 12 – 6 pm.
2) Pic of the Month – ‘Jeanne d’Arc’, Paris, France, 2015
3) From the Archives – ‘Yellow Pole’, Brighton, UK, circa 2008
4) Random Stuff – French artist, Helene Rajcak.

1) Studio Clear-Out Sale: It’s Time folks. After 6 years based at The Abbotsford Convent, I’m setting sail for the Big Apple…(Isle) – that’s right…Tassie! For those unaware of where she lays, she’s about as far from the beautiful mad world as possible, amidst beautiful wild wilderness. Next stop Antarctica! So I’m having a massive sale of photographic images to share the past and raise funds for the future. All welcome so feel free to spread the word.

Prices: Discounted by up to 50%. Some below cost. Prices from as little as $5 up to $995.

When? Sunday Feb 8, 12 – 6 pm.

What’s for Sale?Visit the gallery to see a selection of what’s on offer, including:

  • Limited Edition exhibition prints from all my previous exhibitions;
  • Non-editioned prints from small projects and random shoots;
  • Test prints;
  • Prints on acrylic and Prints on stone;
  • Copies of prints held by The State Library of Victoria and other permanent collections;
  • Frames, big and small.
  • And also some prints from my Kimberley colleague, Hunter G. Remember this image?…

‘Iron Storm’, Halls Creek, The Kimberley, 2013

Where? Studio C2:48, 2nd Floor, Main Convent Building, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford. Refer Google Map or Melways Map 44 G5. And check out this fantabulous convent building map…(click to enlarge/download)…

Convent Building Map

Convent Building Map. Bits in red, Copyright Me, 2015.

And if you’re still having trouble navigating the nuns’ maze after you arrive, call me on 0410 757 202 from your near-but-far wilderness location and I’ll guide you in.

A sincere thanks to everyone who has been part of this intriguing wild ride over the past 6-odd years (sometimes with the emphasis on odd). I hope you can make it down to say hello, goodbye and buy, buy, buy!

2) Pic of the Month – ‘Jeanne d’Arc’. Paris, France, 2015

'Jeanne d'Arc', Paris, 2015

‘Jeanne d’Arc’ – Paris, 2015

3) From the Archive – ‘Yellow Pole’. Brighton, England, circa 2008.

'Yellow Pole, Brighton, England, Circa 2008

‘Yellow Pole’ – Brighton, England, Circa 2008

4) Random Stuff – check out the work of wunderbar French artist, Helene Rajcak, who makes wonderful drawings for children’s books, paintings for exhibitions, and other stuff too.

From the children's book 'La Lune Nue', 2006

From the book ‘La Lune Nue’. Helene Rajcak, 2006

Thanks for listening & I hope to see you drop by the studio for the last hurrah on Feb 8.

With love and best wishes. Bye for now,


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Copyright Charlie Sublet (except where noted otherwise).

Cataract Gorge Residency: Day 19

Cataract Gorge Residency: Day 19

Fri Dec 19, 2009

19:19 – at desk

a few more shots of this wonderful house on the hill

Kings Bridge CottageKings Bridge Cottage Kings Bridge Cottage and South Esk RiverKIngs Bridge Cottage Kings Bridge Cottage, South Esk River and KIngs BridgeKings Bridge Cottage through Trees

…and a few of Lonny’s CBD architecture – all captured within the space of 30 minutes

Launceston Fire Station BuildingThe Examiner Nespaper Building Launceston ArchitectureLaunceston's Civic Building - Bastardisation The National BuildingLaunceston Architecture reflecting The National Building Foot & Playsted BuildingFoot & Playsted Building The National BuildingF & W Stewart Building The Portmans BuildingMonaghan's Building The Block BuildingMcKinlay's Building AD1939 Building - Charles StGazman Building - Charles St The Dots Building - Charles StThe Balloon Building - Charles St The Schoolwear & Footwear Building - Charles StThe Beaumont Pharmacy Building - Charles St Launceston Architecture
…pretty damn impressive for a town of only 100 000

And then we have a few words on behalf of The Grand Master …

A Message from GodChristian Reformed Building           
NB – I like the ‘Hart Alarm’ system just above this
billboard.            And this one, above – a kind of oxymoron perhaps?

Cataract Gorge Residency: Days 15 – 18

Cataract Gorge Residency: Days 15 – 18

Mon Dec 14, 2009

11:10 – KBC Balcony The greatest disappointment of this trip has been the fence around First Basin swimming pool, only erected 2 months ago; a sign of the creeping loss of common sense and personal responsibility, replaced instead by the "I’ll sue you" mentality. Tasmania seems to have been relatively immune to this mentality but it is unfortunately spilling over from the mainland.

Wed Dec 16, 2009

00:45 – Highest Lookout on Gorge Path

Sitting atop the lookout on a big dark mass of dolerite outside the barrier fence. It’s very dark here in the gorge. All the path lights have been turned off but my eyes have attuned and I can make out very vague features. The clouds have cleared again to reveal a starry sky. I saw a shooting star before the clouds glided over.

The rapids below hiss and froth and are my most obvious companion here. Others are the silhouettes (moulded hills, scraggly gums, symmetrical pines); the coolness of the stone beneath my legs, the harshness of its edge biting into my back; the background static of the second set of rapids further upstream; the coolness, almost softness of the air on my neck and its weight on my head; light clouds drifting overhead and the stars beyond, static yet floating, sparkling. Perhaps I can sense the most subtle of breezes but I am not sure.

A brief burst of scattered light just swept across the gorge, north to south – most likely car headlights passing through the foliage from the carpark upstream above the gorge restaurant. I am relaxed and content, pleased to be out here where nature reigns. It is a very mild night – no jumper required (and no ‘bouncer’ assessing my attire before allowing me entry).

Thurs Dec 17, 2009

08:59 – On Balcony

A storm is building. Weighty clouds glide south-east, their bases a velvety grey-blue, their colour and tone lightening gradually to a silvery white at the top.
Storm Building

Mt Barrow to the east is silhouetted against distant silver-white heavens, every detail of the mountaintop ridgeline magnificently delineated. One can even make out individual trees from this distance.


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such relaxed days. Even the domestic duties are enjoyable. It is so simple to exist here. And when I step out the door, a turn to the left and I’m in town, a turn to the right and I’m in relative wilderness. A perfect balance.

Above – The Dividing Line

Things I like about Lonny:

– chicks driving utes
– The Gorge and First Basin
– the architecture
– the simplicity, the lifestyle, the lack of faux sophistication
– the proximity to nature and the lack of concrete
– the lack of traffic
– kids jumping from King’s Bridge and living like kids used to live, wildly, openly, expressively
– trading hours (when five thirty ticks around, the doors close and the shutters come down)

12:32 – Stillwater Cafe

Enigma Hair Design hairdressing salon makes me laugh and think that you’ll never know what you’ll come out of the salon looking like.