2009: ‘The Price of Admission’

And the Natural World.

Enjoy it while stocks last!

These are documentation shots of Charlie’s installation for the 2009 C3 Salon at The Abbotsford Convent Arts Precinct in Melbourne, Australia. His piece combines photography, wall drawing and sculpture; it comments on consumption, consumerism and the tension/interaction between the human and natural worlds.

All words/images Copyright Charlie Sublet and available for sale.

Large Image: $699
Small Images: $69.99 ea.
The Complete Box Set (includes all images): $ 1999
Trolley, Remodelled (includes $ 1 coin): Was $ 1199, now $ 1799.
Everything (excluding ‘Sloane Club’ pencil wall drawings): $ 3399

To see larger versions of the individual photographic images included in this installation, visit the The Natural Industrial Matrix and In the Realm of the Human galleries.

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