Pre-Tumourescent – Collected Poems

NB. Images from funeral at bottom of page.

Images from the launch of Pre-Tumourescent – Collected Poems by Anton Mischewski. A celebration of life. July 26, 2015 at Caritas Christi, Kew.

“Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence or disadvantage of anyone.”

“Me hanga te mahi ao, mo te 100% o te taata, i roto i te wa ka taea poto, i roto i tahi noa, kahore he hara kaiao te rereketanga o te tetahi ranei.”

R. Buckminster Fuller


To fill a soul with human form,
it was hard being a body again–
leaning on thorns and thistles,
chaos then gift of fate,
its many ecstasies. Longing.

My face dissolves to sand
as I feel myself breathe again.

These lungs empty air like falling wheat
to sow a field of pyramids
around my blazing feet.

How long, my Pharaoh, before you see me
as sand, sky, fields, liquid light
and a river for you to name then sail on
for our final journey across
the human edge?

It’s time to leave your shrouded body.
Take my hand.

Copyright Anton Mischeswki 2015, from Pre-Tumourescent – Collected Poems.

The Faint

a quiet blanking of the mind

clean slice of measured collapse

an evacuation

my eyes, unobliterated stars,
palms open like bowls

your ashen face
a moon thrown out of orbit

relinquish what you held as love–
reinvent that crisis

Copyright Anton Mischeswki 2015, from Pre-Tumourescent – Collected Poems.

Images from Anton’s Farewell

All images Copyright Charlie Sublet, 2015

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