The Lights Come Up Over Geraldton


The Lights Come Up Over Geraldton

The lights come up over Geraldton, Western Australia: bluish-green streetlights; and port and starboard lights of the shipping channel across a choppy windswept sea. The green and red lights, flashing intermittently, are clear and defined atop their supportive posts which plunge the depths below. But soon they will appear as if sitting on or suspended just above the horizon, their posts dissolving into the sea as the evening light continues to fade and many become one.

It has happened. They are gone. The sea and posts are one. Tankers too now, all but invisible except for their industrial lights. They wait out to sea for their call to port.

And me, I wait here on the balcony of the 19th century Freemason’s Hotel – happily wait for the world to pass me by.

Even the horizon has disappeared now. Sea and sky have become one.

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