Drawing 101

Drawing 101

Recently started drawing classes and I can’t recommend them highly enough. For anyone interested in getting out of the left and into the right, check this guy out  –  Ron Curran

Drop all the expectations you’ve ever had about what is a ‘good’ drawing. Forget the "I can’t draw" demon and get yourself down there. And if you’re not convinced by my mini-rant just think of the fun bits –  drawing, beer/wine and nudity.

There is Art and then there is bullying – whether it’s a physical human bully or simply the left side of your brain, they’re both bullies. Piss them off asap. Life outside true art represents some form of bullying, however abstract.

Another good couple of references are, from memory, ‘How the Brain Changes Itself’ re Neuoroplasticity, and ‘Drawing from the Right side of the Brain’ – a 1979 (approximately)  non-technical guide to drawing which highlights the fact that you can learn drawing techniques without technical tuition.

I leave this class almost every time on a high – sometimes the kind of high that makes you want to go and drink alcohol…or you could just go and keep being creative. I choose to be creative. When you’re in the zone don’t waste it on alcohol, make the most of it.

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