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I'm a Hunter Gatherer - an observer and collector of experiences from overlooked and forgotten worlds. Using words, images and objects I interpret these experiences and release them back into the world through exhibitions, articles, workshops and my website.

My primary medium is photography (sometimes combined with words, drawing or installation components) and I focus on the tension and interaction between the human and natural worlds, one’s sense of place and belonging in these worlds, and our common human bond.

I am based at the wonderful Abbotsford Convent Arts Precinct in Melbourne, Australia.

Current/Future Activities:

Not sure about the future yet but I am keen to work with indigenous cultures as I believe they have much wisdom to offer the non-indigenous world.

Meanwhile I am:

Past Activities:

I recently returned from several months in India where I followed the Ganges River up to its source in the Himalayan Mountains at 4500 metres elevation. There at the top of the world I met a silent Holy Man who housed and fed me for four incredible days. You can see some of the associated words/pics on my blog.

In 2010 I embarked on a 2500 km road-trip from Uluru to Melbourne, documenting and collecting artefacts from abandoned cars. The resulting mixed media exhibition, Ithaka, included photography, drawing, text and installation components. It was exhibited at St Helier's Street Gallery, The Abbotsford Convent.

At the end of 2009 I undertook a residency as part of the ‘Cataract Gorge Artist-in-Residence’ program in Launceston, Tasmania. Whilst there I mostly observed, sat and watched, walked and watched, wrote a bit...and took 'test' shots. I'm hoping to return to document 'The Dividing Line' - look left for civilisation, look right for pre-history. It'll make more sense to you one day when the images are drawn and quartered.

Cataract Gorge Caretaker's Cottage

In late 2009 I completed a three year commission (from Mercy Health) to document the construction of two of their new aged-care developments. This resulted from my 2006 exhibition, Umbilicus, about the old Mercy Hospital for Women in East Melbourne.

'Twenty Fifty-Four' & 'The Claw' 2009

From May – Oct 2008 I was part of Moving Galleries - an exhibition of visual art and poetry which was exhibited on Melbourne’s metropolitan train network. 'Fennel' can still be seen riding the lines from time to time.

'Fennel' 2005

From May – July 2008 I exhibited The Blue Man at Horsham Regional Art Gallery. These works were originally developed during a 3-month residency in 2007 as part of the Nillumbik Shire Council/Parks Victoria ‘Laughing Waters Artist in Residence Program’ in Eltham, Victoria.

In late 2007 I undertook the above-mentioned residency. During this period I began three new series of works: an examination of the human/natural interaction on and around the property; a series of self portraits about loss which formed the basis of The Blue Man exhibition; and an exploration of an abandoned mud-brick house, 'Boomerang', also located on the property.

'Lost in Space' & 'Preacher' 2008

From April to August 2007 I was involved as a workshop co-ordinator and mentor for the Committee for Melbourne’s production of No Forwarding Address – Homelessness Through our Eyes. The images for this exhibition were created by various people who had experienced homelessness.

In November 2006 I presented a major photographic exhibition and installation, Umbilicus, at 'fortyfive downstairs' gallery in Melbourne. It examined ideas relating to attachment, memory and loss as experienced through the Mercy Hospital for Women's recently vacated East Melbourne site.

'The Thin Red Line' 2006

Earlier in 2006, I produced The Last Supper as part of the ‘A Taste for Living’ Festival at Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park, Victoria. This festival was a fundraiser for the Ardoch Youth Foundation. The Last Supper related to the ongoing cycle of consumption, decay and renewal.

'Kitchen Cups' & 'Kitchen Tap' 2006

In December 2005 I exhibited Cottage By The Sea. It aimed to raise awareness of the Victorian children’s charity, Cottage By the Sea, which works with children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

'Kimberley Jemima Mariah' & 'Chantal' 2005

During the 2005 Melbourne International Arts Festival I was involved as a contributing artist to Red Shoe Delivery Service, providing photographic transfer imagery to adorn the windows of the Red Shoe Delivery Service van which operated a free taxi service to any Melburnians who were prepared to put on a pair of red shoes, click their heels together and request the destination of their choice. Fun!

My February 2005 exhibition, Foundation Stone, examined the inherent beauty and constant state of flux that exists between the natural and human worlds within and between two distinct sections of the Yarra River: Yarra Bend Park and Docklands. It was exhibited at 'first site' gallery in Melbourne and also on the outdoor screen at Federation Square.

'Caution' & 'Pier' 2005

And in 2003 my inaugural solo exhibition, Re:Issue – the Face of Big Issue Vendors, focused on vendors from The Big Issue magazine - a magazine which is sold on the streets of Australia and around the world by homeless and long-term unemployed people. It combined photography, text and surveys and traveled from a traditional gallery space, first site gallery, to the outdoor screen at Federation Square and then to the regional festival, ‘Art is...’ in Horsham.

'Louis' & 'Nicky' 2003

Ideally I would like to tour the show nationally before ultimately taking the concept overseas to shoot and exhibit in some of the 44-odd countries where The Big Issue is sold.

Non-Exhibition Work:

My non-exhibition photographic work has included stints as a photojournalist, performing arts photographer, teacher, guest-speaker, workshop coordinator and photographer with various government departments and not-for-profit organisations.

'Meat Market'

'Stretch' & 'Legs'


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keep blowing - a.k.a. 'cv'

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2004: Certificate IV in Small Business Management, RMIT Tafe, City Campus

2000 – ’03: Bachelor of Arts (Photography), RMIT Uni, City Campus

1996: Graduate Diploma of Arts (Tourism), Monash Uni, Clayton Campus

1990 – ’93: Bachelor of Economics, Monash Uni, Clayton Campus

Acquisitions, Awards, Commissions, Grants & Residencies:

2009: Award Winner, Judged by Kelly Gellatly, Curator of Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Victoria - Visual Arts Category, ‘The Cancer Council Arts Awards

2007: Award Finalist, Judged by Jane Scott – Director, Monash Gallery of Art, Vic - ‘Highly Commended’, Visual Arts Category, ‘The Cancer Council Arts Awards

2006: Award Finalist, Judged by Vivienne Webb – Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Visual Arts Category, ‘The Cancer Council Arts Awards

2005: Award Finalist, Judged by Vivienne Webb – Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney - 'Commendation', Visual Arts Category, ‘Daffodil Day Arts Awards'

2005: Award Winner, Overall – ‘Fujifilm Capture EXPOSED Challenge’ – Australia-wide award for emerging photographers

2005: Award Winner, Round 6 – ‘Fujifilm Capture EXPOSED Challenge’

2009 & 7: Acquisition Mercy Hospital for Women, Melbourne

2008: Acquisition Nillumbik Shire Art Collection, Melbourne

2007 & 6: Acquisition Mercy Health, Melbourne

2007 & 3: Acquisition State Library of Victoria – ‘Latrobe Picture Collection’

2006 - 9: Commission Exhibition images for Mercy Health

2005: Commission Cottage By The Sea exhibition for Cottage By The Sea

2010: Grant City of Melbourne ‘ArtPlay Grant’ for Visual Treasure Hunts

2010: Grant Nillumbik Shire ‘Community Cultural Development Grant’ for Visual Treasure Hunts

2006: Grant Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, for Umbilicus

2005: Grant City of Melbourne ‘Arts Project Arts Grant’ for Umbilicus

2009: Residency Launceston City Council 'Cataract Gorge Artist-in-Residence'

2007: Residency Nillumbik Shire Council/Parks Victoria 'Laughing Waters Artist in Residence'

Solo Exhibitions:

2010, Ithaka, St Heliers Gallery, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

2008, The Blue Man, Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Horsham

2006, Umbilicus, 'fortyfive downstairs', Melbourne

2006, The Last Supper, Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park

2005, Cottage By The Sea, 'Bourke Place', Melbourne.

2005, Foundation Stone, ‘first site’ Gallery, Melbourne

2003, Re:Issue – the face of Big Issue vendors, ‘first site’ Gallery

Group Exhibitions By Invitation (edited):

2009, 10 & 11, Convent Artists' Salon, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

2005, 6, 7, 9 & 11, The Cancer Council Arts Awards, Melbourne

2009, Recent Acquisitions, Nillumbik Shire Art Collection, Eltham

2008, Moving Galleries, Committee for Melbourne, Melbourne

2006, Williamstown Fest Contemporary Art Prize, The Substation, Newport

2005, Red Shoe Delivery Service, Melbourne International Arts Festival

2003 & 5, Julie Millowick Acquisitive Photographic Award, Castlemaine

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blow real hard - a.k.a. 'publicity'

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Media Coverage:

2011, 3RRR Radio Coverage re 'Abandoned Xmas Trees' photo-essay in The Big Issue.

2011, The Big Issue Magazine 'Abandoned Xmas Trees' photo-essay and article.

2010, 3MBS Radio Interview re my arts practice.

2009, Launceston Examiner Newspaper Article re my Residency at Cataract Gorge, Tasmania.

2009, 7NT ABC Radio Interview re my Residency at Cataract Gorge, Tasmania.

2009, The Melbourne Leader Newspaper Article re winning the Cancer Council Arts Awards.

2009, The Big Issue Magazine 'Brief Encounter' photo-essay and article.

2007, The Big Issue Magazine ‘Land of a Thousand Eyes’ photo-essay and article.

2007, The Age Newspaper ‘My Life So Far’ - article re my life.

2006, Artichoke Magazine Essay and images re Umbilicus exhibition.

2006, The Big Issue Magazine Article and images re Umbilicus.

2006, The Good Weekend Magazine Coverage re Umbilicus.

2006, The City Weekly Newspaper Coverage re Umbilicus.

2006, 3RRR Radio Interview re Umbilicus.

2006, Capture Magazine Article re my arts practice.

2006, The Port Phillip Leader Newspaper Article re The Last Supper exhibition.

2005, The Moreland Leader Newspaper Article re Cottage By The Sea exhibition.

2005, Capture Magazine Article and images re winning the annual 'Emerging Photographer' award.

2005, Capture Magazine Coverage re 'Talented Australian Photographers’.

2005, 3RRR Radio Two interviews re Foundation Stone exhibition.

2005, The Age Newspaper Coverage re Foundation Stone exhibition.

2003, 774 ABC Radio Interview re Re:Issue... exhibition.

2003, 3RRR Radio Interview re Re:Issue...

2003, The Northcote Leader Newspaper Article re Re:Issue...

2003, The Saturday Age Newspaper Coverage re Re:Issue...

2003, The Age Newspaper Coverage re Re:Issue...

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