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Charlie Sublet is a photographic and literary Hunter Gatherer - an observer & collector of experiences from forgotten worlds.

'Sleeping Dog & Man' Delhi 2011

All images © Charlie Sublet

'The News In Brief' - recent hunting escapades (click on the links below for more detail):

* The Collaborative project gets underway with KAGE (award winning dance-theatre company)
Room With A View exhibition now online
Save The Kimberley Exhibition - Bob Brown's Closing Address
A trip to the source of The Ganges River in India
Visual Treasure Hunts for children at ArtPlay
* Redheads Matchbox Miniatures at Heide Museum of Modern Art
* Photo-Panels hit the shelves
* Pabulum Blog
* Other Bits - Awards, Grants, etc


'The News in Brief'...in greater detail:

* Charlie and KAGE (dance-theatre company) recently received a grant from The Abbotsford Convent as part of The Collaborative project. As a result they have produced WildLife - a series of three large-scale colour photographs challenging the body in the natural environment. Exploring issues of gender and equality, proximity and form, Charlie has captured the dynamic tension of Kate and Gerard’s (KAGE principal dancers) intimate movement through the Yarra Bend bushland.

The finished works will be exhibited one at a time from November 8 – December 22 at The Abbotsford Convent, with a new image going up every 2 weeks. For location details and information about the other Collaborative projects (there are 6 in total), download the catalogue.

'WildLife III' 2013


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* Charlie's recent exhibition, Room With a View, is now online. It formed part of the Abbotsford Convent's 2013 Spiritous Grants Program and explores issues relating to tension, choice and doubt. Click here to jump in.


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* In late 2012, early 2013 Charlie's close friend and colleague, Hunter G, crossed the Australian continent to help raise awareness of the serious threat to The Kimberley wilderness region in NW Western Australia. This culminated in an exhibition, The Kimberley - Australia's Threatened Wilderness, at which ex Greens leader and inspiring environmentalist, Bob Brown, gave the closing address. Hunter also kept an entertaining blog which is a combination of Art/Nature/Community and The Absurd. - start here and follow the links at the bottom of each post.

The Kimberley is still under major threat from mining, including Fracking. The Kimberley is one of the last great savannah-style wilderness regions IN THE WORLD! Visit Environs Kimberley and Kimberley Campaigner for background info and simple ideas on how to help. Thanks folks. Keep The Kimberley always in your hearts and minds.

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* In mid 2011 Charlie undertook a trip to the source of The Ganges River at 4500 metres elevation in the Indian Himalaya. Click here for some of his visual and literary trophies.

'Holy Man & Bhagarathi Peaks' India 2011

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* The Visual Treasure Hunts encourage kids to tap into their natural observational skills and to creatively expand their visual awareness through photography, drawing and text.

They were originally run at ArtPlay as part of a City of Melbourne Arts Grant. Hunts have also been led at Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Head to the hunting page where you can download free treasure hunts and find out more about the hunting game!

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* Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, stocks Charlie's Redheads Matchbox Miniatures in their retail shop.

And Coming Soon!! - a dedicated set that documents the architecture, gardens and sculptures around Heide. The Matchbox miniatures were also previously sold at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

The Matchbox Miniatures are a set of 10 hand-cut miniature photos served on a bed of hand-torn paper inside an iconic Redheads matchbox. Each set contains a different series of images. For more information or to purchase click here or contact charlie@charliesublet.com or 0410 757 202.

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* Also gaining interest are Charlie's Photo-Panels - photographic images printed directly onto a stone-like surface and framed using reclaimed timber that would otherwise end up in landfill. For more information or to purchase click here or contact charlie@charliesublet.com or 0410 757 202.

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* The National Gallery of Victoria’s Curator of Contemporary Art, Kelly Gellatly awarded the image, ‘The Thin Red Line’ 1st prize in the Cancer Council Arts Awards. Ms Gellatly was formerly Curator at Heide Museum of Modern Art. This image is dedicated to two friends, Lea Canning & Liam Cody. It originaly appeared in Charlie's exhibition, Umbilicus.

'The Thin Red Line' 2006

Previous successful entries for this award include: 'High Dependency Unit' - Highly Commended Award from the Monash Gallery of Art director, Jane Scott, in 2007; 'Bus-Stop' - Commended Award from the Museum of Contemporary Art Curator, Vivienne Webb, in 2006; and 'The Window' - Commended Award from the Museum of Contemporary Art Curator, Vivienne Webb, in 2005.

'High Dependency Unit' 2006, 'Bus-Stop' & 'The Window' 2005

These images originally appeared in the exhibitions Umbilicus and Foundation Stone.

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For literary stories, adventures and general observations on life check out Charlie's blog, Pabulum.

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