Foundation Stone

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Artist Statement

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Foundation Stone examines the constant state of flux within and between two distinct sections of the Yarra River: Yarra Bend Park and Docklands.

It was initially exhibited at 'first site' gallery in Melbourne in 2005 before then being displayed in digital form on the outdoor screen at Federation Sqaure. Thanks to the following organisations for their involvement and support: 'first site', Bond Imaging; The Big Issue; Federation Square; Rathdowne Cellars; 3CR.

Artist Statement

February 8, 2005

From the relatively chaotic wildlands of the inner city’s Yarra Bend Park to the ordered lines and shapes of the Docklands precinct, the Yarra River has acted as the lifeblood for both the natural landscape and for the establishment of the city of Melbourne over a century ago.

Yet within these two areas there exists a constant struggle – man-made intrusions in the native parkland and natural reclamation in the industrial setting, where corrosion, erosion and the seeds of change gain a root-hold amongst the cracks and crevices that develop over time.

Foundation Stone examines the inherent beauty and constant state of flux that exists between the natural and human worlds within and between two distinct Yarra River locations: Yarra Bend Park and Docklands. It highlights the ongoing cycle in which humans use the natural landscape as a building block to a constructed existence which in turn is reclaimed by natural forces before again being ‘made-over’ in human terms.

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