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'Dishwasher II' 2005

Items for sale include:

* Exhibiton Images
* Non-Exhibition Images
* Photo-Panels and Redheads Matchbox Miniatures
* Visual Treasure Hunts for Children
* Photographic Tuition
* Talks/Lectures

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Exhibiton Images:

Exhibition images are archival, editioned and signed. Visit the exhibition galleries to see the selection available. Prices start from AU$395.

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Non-Exhibition Images:

These are archival but not editioned. Includes images found on the other galleries pages.

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Photo-Panels and Redheads Matchbox Miniatures:

Redheads Matchbox Miniatures(left) and Photo-Panel(right)

The Redheads Matchbox Miniatures are a set of 10 hand-cut miniature photos served on a bed of hand-torn paper inside an iconic Redheads matchbox. Each set contains a different series of images. Order direct or pick one up at the following good stores: Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne; St Heliers Street Store, Abbotsford. Prices start from AU$5.

The Photo-Panels are photographic images printed directly onto stone and framed using reclaimed timber that would otherwise end up in landfill. Various sizes available. Order direct or pick one up at the following good store: St Heliers Street Store, Abbotsford. Prices start from AU$115.

For more detailed information about the above products download the pdf.

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Visual Treasure Hunts for Children:

The Visual Treasure Hunts encourage kids to tap into their natural observational skills and to creatively expand their visual awareness through photography, drawing and text. Currently available for three to ten year-olds. Visit the hunting page for more detailed information.

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Photographic Tuition:

Workshops on introductory photography available for individuals or small groups. Prices start at AU$50 per hour for individuals. Contact Charlie regarding prices for group bookings.

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Available for talks, lectures and presentations at schools, colleges, workplaces, etc. Price on application.

For more detailed information on any of the above products please email or phone 0410 757 202.

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